Drawing - First Flight in glider (Results)

Visual baptism of the air draw

Drawing - First Flight in glider (Results)

Organized by the CIRFA Air de Paris office, in collaboration with the managers of the Buno-Bonnevaux aerodrome, Ambassadair offers you the unique opportunity to win a glider baptism !

The draw is organized on Friday May 4 at 8 p.m.! Register now !

Baptisms are scheduled for the month of June 2018, make sure you are available.

Enter your details in the form to be part of the raffle list and maybe win a glider baptism !

Closed form.

Results of the draw (out of 108 participating students) :

1. Beauvois Solène (Lycée Janson de Sailly)
2. Carola Esther (Lycée Janson de Sailly)
3. Subtil Valentine (Lycée Charles de Foucauld)
4. Villard Paul (Lycée Charles de Foucauld)
5. Keating Fiona (Institut Montalembert)
6. Lopez-Pia Marion (Lycée Les Francs Bourgeois)
7. Aubé Iris (Lycée Les Francs Bourgeois)
8. Czeladka Ethan (Lycée Saint Dominique de Neuilly)
9. Coste Ines (Lycée Saint Dominique de Neuilly)
10. Seguinet Jean ( Lycée Saint Nicolas)
11. Goumot Enora (Lycée Notre Dame de Boulogne)
12. Mulliez Titouan (Lycée La Rochefoucauld)
13. Bergeron-Morita Lisa (Lycée EIB Paris)
14. Champier Louis (Lycée Saint Thomas d’Aquin)
15. Labouret Vincent (Lycée Saint Thomas d’Aquin)

You will soon receive a letter from the Air Force.