First Wings in Aviation (FWA)

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My First Wings in Aviation (FWA) is a unic program issued from the French Ministry of Education, that allows students to discover aviation with professional pilots at a minimum cost.
Basic theory will be studied (aviation history, aircraft structuration and systems, flight principles, meteorology, navigation, communication) to give the students the basics to perform a real flight with an instructor!

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My First Wings in Aviation is a fantastic opportunity to discover aviation and all kind of jobs that can be offered.
It is really for everybody! Girls and guys, scientifics or not! For students who already have a plan to work in aviation, it is the first step and it will give them their first experience! For those who don’t know, it is a way to discover something new and maybe unveil a new passion!
In all cases, it is a fantastic point for your curriculum Vitae and will stay forever in your heart and your brain…

It is also a unique opportunity to fly as a pilot in command with the suport of a flight instructor.
It is not a discovery flight! You will be the pilot in command and you will fly!


► Give the students the required knowledge to pass the final exam
► Improve the Curriculum Vitae of the students with a relevant diploma
► Discover the feeling of flying in an airplane
► To use aviation to understand subjects studied during normal classes
► To make students more responsible and more sensitive to safety
► To meet and interact with professional pilots
► To help students to discover the complex world of aviation


Theoretical courses

My First Wings in Aviation is a training course which takes place in your school. The students will attend 22 courses of 2 hours in order to be qualified in:

► Aviation History
► Structure and Instruments
► Flights principles
► Meteorology
► Navigation
► Phraseology

All courses are available online on the Student Member Area.


The exam

The official FWA review will take place on the third Wednesday of May. It lasts 3 hours and includes 5 parts and a bonus part of English. Each part includes 20 QCMs, each question worth 1 point. You must have a minimum of 50/100 to be graduated.
The English bonus module includes 20 QCM, each question worth 1 point. All points above 10/20 are added to the mandatory parts points. Points below 10/20 are not counted.

During the year, their will be some mock exams to train the students to the real one.


Students can complete a FWA flight of 3 hours with 60 minutes in command of the plane.
The purpose of these flights is to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical courses.

These flights are preceded by a briefing, during which the students prepare their flight with the help of an instructor (meteorology, navigation calculation …). The flights are organized on whole days (from 09h to 18h approximately). It is important to note that flights are not guaranteed because they depend of the weather.

These FWA flights are carried out in a strict regulatory framework: They are subject of an agreement between your school and a flying club affiliated to the French Aeronautics Federation. This official agreement allows students to receive a financial aid for the flight.



Aeronautics is an industry that offers extraordinary professional and personal opportunities. The FWA is the first training that offers you the legal possibility to discover the flight as a pilot in command. The FWA is an official diploma that will appear in your academic record and will which will have an interest for recruiters. This proves your curiosity and your ability to take an optional training. Whatever your future career guidance, this is a unique experience that will probably never represent again.

Download the flyer: