Do you have a question? This is where it happens!

Do you have a question? This is where it happens!

Do you have a question? This is where it happens!

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FWA Flight

Registration, Booking, Organization or cancellation of flights? This is the place to go!

FWA Exam

Results, Diploma, Absence, Exam Failure ... EVERYTHING IS HERE !

Training Fees

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DAYS AND TIMES OF CLASSES: How to access them?

You can access the days and times of our partner schools by clicking here.

REGISTRATION : How to register for the FWA?

The BIA, or Brevet d'Initiation Aéronautique, is an official diploma recognized by the French national education system. To register for the BIA, you must be attached to an accredited test center : A flying club, a high school or any other educational center. Ambassadair is an approved training organization, authorized to give the BIA courses and can thus present the students to the exam.
In partnership with nearly 20 schools in France and abroad, Ambassadair assists schools in becoming BIA examination centers. Each year, Ambassadair trains more than 400 students to take the national exam, directly in their school.

To register for the FWA at a partner institution, go directly to the page FWA.

Does your high school not offer the FWA Training? Apply as an outside student and find a facility near you. You can also "suggest your establishment" to have Ambassadair contact your school and offer to integrate this training directly into your school.

REGISTRATION: Can I register for a current course?

Courses begin in October and end in May.
In the past, some students have registered during the year, but this is a special case.
A special procedure can be considered at the beginning of the year, but we will not be able to register you after a certain date.
For more information: Contact us!

REGISTRATION : My high school does not prepare the FWA, can I take the ONLINE training?


S’il n’est pas possible pour vous de suivre la formation dans un de nos établissements partenaires, nous vous redirigerons vers notre formation 100% ONLINE : Cours en live avec un instructeur qualifié, le replay de tous les cours, l’accès aux fiches de révisions, présentations, entraînements… et votre place pour les soirées Ambassadair !

MIDDLE SCHOOLS: I am in middle school, can I take the FWA training?

At this time, Ambassadair does not offer FWA training in middle schools. We believe that the second year of high school is the most appropriate time to learn this introductory certificate.
Indeed, general level of understanding (mainly in science) in the 1rst year of high school (9th Class) corresponds perfectly to the level of instruction of the FWA. In addition, the year of the second does not include official examinations, such as the middle school diploma or the Level A high school diploma
If you are interested in passing your FWA with Ambassadair, we will be more than happy to welcome you as soon as you enter high school. Let us know!


If you are in a hurry, you can always consider taking the FWA training Online.

HIGH SCHOOL: I am a Level 10 or 11, can I take the FWA course?

Absolutely! It is possible to take the BIA in the 11th or 12th grade. Ambassadair encourages the BIA to be taken in the 10th grade, but every year, older students join this exciting program.
But you have to be careful, the FWA exam will come in addition to the Baccalaureate revisions!
Be sure to be a motivated and rigorous student, although we feel that the workload is quite manageable for a student who knows how to be organized.

HIGH SCHOOL: I am not in a scientific field, how is the FWA useful to me?

The FWA is not a question of section and is not only for scientists! It is for everyone!
My First Wings in Aviation gathers knowledge from all sections. Here are the 7 modules covered :

  • Aviation History: Discover the place of aeronautics in our world for nearly 100 years!
  • Navigation: Discover the techniques of navigation on the globe!
  • Anglais : Découvrez la langue internationale de l’aviation et faîtes évoluer votre niveau scolaire en même temps !
  • Aerodynamics: Understand how a plane flies, quite simply!
  • Aircraft knowledge: Discover the vocabulary, instruments, aircraft structures, etc...
  • Meteorology: Discover the different types of everyday weather phenomena, from the most frequent to the most dangerous!

However, there will be some mathematical tools, sometimes complex, to understand and use. These calculations will be used especially during the FWA flight. Your flight instructor will be there to help you understand how these operations work and especially to explain their vitality within an aircraft cockpit. You will never see science in the same way again!

Maybe your pilot-instructor, also passed a more literary diploma, ... who knows?

STUDY: I have finished high school and would like to participate in the FWA training, what options are available to me?

You have completed high school and would like to participate in the FWA training : No problem!

FWA training is for everyone from the age of 13 years or more. It's never too late to take your first step in aeronautics!
Ambassadair trains every year Univesity +1 / +2 year to the FWA training.

  • Option 1 : Take the FWA course at a nearby facility, with Ambassadair or with a flying club.
  • Option 2 : Take the course independently and take the exam as an independent candidate. Contact us!
  • Option 3 : Suggest your higher education institution to us, so that Ambassadair can get in touch and integrate the training directly into your institution for next year.

In any case, don't wait! There is still a lot to discover after this exceptional training...

ABSENCE: I missed a class, how do I make it up?

It may happen for various reasons that a student cannot attend a FWA course (illness, personal needs, official summons, etc...).
Any absence must be reported as soon as possible and must be justified.


We ask our absent students to review the class they missed and come in to discuss it with the instructor at the beginning of the next class. The instructor will provide clarification on the previous class and the important concepts to be learned.

All course materials, booklets, MCQs and answers to MCQs are available directly on the website. Go to the menu to "Member Area". Your student account has been created at the beginning of the year. If you have forgotten the password, please click on "Password Forgotten?".

FUTURE: I passed my FWA training, now what?

If you have developed a taste for aeronautics, there are several options available to you :


  • Deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge by taking the private pilot license PPL ( A) :
    • (France Only) Before you turn 21, you have the opportunity to make a large financial contribution with "Youth Objective" of the FFA (French Federation of Aeronautics).
    • If you are over 21 years old, ask about the rates at a local Flight Center.
    • Ambassadair will soon be offering PPL training to give this unique opportunity to all its students.
  • Start a career as a professional pilot in a university :
    • Aviation Training, in partnership with Ambassadair.
    • Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile
    • Oxford Aviation
    • CTC Aviation
    • And many others...
    • There is another less expensive way to become a professional pilot: do its training in a modular way.
  • Making post-baccalaureate studies to enter the aeronautical world:
    • School of Aeronautical Engineering
    • Hostess/Steward
    • Air Traffic Controller
    • Aircraft mechanic
    • And all the jobs in the world!

Want to know more? Meet us at the next "Aeronautical Professions Conference" organized every year, free of charge, for our students and their entourage, in Paris and shared Online.

FWA Flight

FWA Flight

REGISTRATION: At the beginning of the year I was not sure if I would make the flight, can I still register?

Il est possible de s’inscrire au vol en cours d’année. Toutes ces informations sont mentionnées dans la section “Vol BIA” de Member Area.

Cependant, les élèves inscrits au vol BIA dès le début de l’année seront garantis d’obtenir la licence « Jeunes Ailes »  en collaboration avec la Fédération Française Aéronautique.

RESERVATION: When will the flights be booked?

À partir du mois de Février !

Les vols sont organisés pendant le printemps et l’été si nécessaire, entre les mois de Février et de Juillet.

Pendant votre formation BIA, vous aurez pass a flight preparation course. During this course, your instructor will review all the notions already acquired since the beginning of the year to prepare you for a real flight during which you will be the pilot at the controls.

Ce sera l’occasion d’aborder en particulier le module de navigation, tout en vous projetant directement dans un avion !

Votre instructeur vous présentera l’ensemble des éléments pour préparer le vol BIA et pour vous inscrire en ligne.

Before this happens : Stay focused during the theory classes. Ça ne sera que du temps gagné pour la partie pratique en vol !

Et du plaisir !…

ORGANIZATION: I am registered for the FWA flight, how is the flight day going?

The FWA flight takes place on a day or ½ a day.

Vous allez vous retrouver avec l’instructeur pour réaliser a briefing on the departure field of the aircraft. During this briefing you will be asked to set your route, study the weather, the aircraft's performance, etc... all under the supervision of your flight instructor.

You'll do the preflight allaround visit durant laquelle vous allez réaliser un check complet de l’avion.

Une fois que tout sera prêt you will take-off in the air! !

L’instructeur est un pilote professionnel et qualifié for this type of first-flight operation. It ensures the complete safety on board the aircraft.

You'll only have to follow his instructions and realize your navigation with your friends and the instructor.

Every one-hour leg, you will swap places between the pilot at the controls and the passengers.

At the end of the flight, you will return to your starting field on which you will do a complete debriefing of the flight day.

You will assist the instructor by cleaning the aircraft and then returning it to the aircraft hangar before you go home.

Enjoy this unique momentThis day will not be repeated as easily in the future!

ORGANIZATION: There are only two of us for the FWA flight (or only one), how to find other student pilots?

Afin de vous permettre de mieux profiter de l’expérience, Ambassadair ACADEMY favorise les vols à un ou deux élèves pilotes.

Si vous ne trouvez pas de groupe, l’équipe d’Ambassadair ACADEMY vous accompagnera pour vous mettre en lien avec des élèves de la formation BIA d’autres écoles partenaires dans la même situation que vous.

N’hésitez pas à réaliser une inscription à un ou deux élève(s), Ambassadair ACADEMY se chargera du reste !

Bon vol BIA !

ORGANIZATION: The remaining flight dates are incompatible with our schedule, what can we do?

Ambassadair ACADEMY fait de son mieux pour trouver une solution adaptée à chaque élève de la formation BIA.

However, we are constrained by aircraft availability schedules qui sont définis avec nos structures partenaires, elles-mêmes contraintes par le planning général de leurs membres.

Il est donc possible que les dates proposées ne correspondent pas avec votre emploi du temps de la semaine.

If you do not have any flexibility on your side, we suggest you make your BIA flight during the Easter holidays or the summer holidays! 

Pour toute information, vous pouvez nous contacter par e-mail à l’adresse :

CANCELLATION: My flight has been cancelled, why?

There are several reasons why a flight is cancelled :

  • Météo défavorable : Le facteur principal d’annulation des vols sont les conditions météorologiques du jour. Très imprévisibles, elles font la déception de plus d’un élève. Pour assurer un maximum de sécurité une fois en l’air, nous n’hésiterons pas à reporter un vol à un jour plus favorable.
  • Un problème mécanique : Tout véhicule dispose d’un programme de maintenance. Cependant des indicateurs déterminant, influant sur la sécurité, peuvent entraîner l’annulation du vol. Si aucun autre avion n’est disponible, il faudra alors reporter le vol.
  • L’élève est malade : Il se peut qu’un élève de la formation BIA soit malade la veille du vol, se sente mal-à-l’aise avant de monter dans l’avion, malaise une fois en l’air,… L’instructeur a pour consignes d’interrompre le vol en cas de doute.
  • L’instructeur est malade : C’est un humain comme les autres. Si l’instructeur ne se sent pas en parfaite santé le jour du vol, il annulera le vol. Sachez cependant que les instructeurs ont un suivi médical strict et des visites régulières qui lui assurent “une santé de pilote” !
  • And many other factors, which depend on the environment, the conditions of the moment, etc...

Malgré votre déception du moment, gardez à l’esprit :

“Il est préférable d’être au sol et rêver d’être en l’air, than to be in the air and dream of being on the ground.” !

FWA Exam

FWA Exam

RESULTS: How do I find out the results of the exam?

Ambassadair publishes all the Exam Results in June, at the end of the exam, you will receive the results of the exam. It will be a festive moment with all the FWA-BIA Ambassadair promotions, your school principals, your family and the Ambassadair team.
This is not the official graduation. In fact, the FWA-BIA diplomas will be awarded during the Graduate Party, organized in November!


If you are unable to attend the Ambassadair events, you will receive the diploma directly through your FWA school.

DIPLOMA : I have obtained my FWA, how do I receive the diploma ?

You have passed the exam: Congratulations! We are very proud!

The FWA diploma is an official document that will be printed by Ambassadair during the Summer.
The various institutions receive the diplomas. They are the guarantors of your diplomas. However, we ask them not to distribute them to you.

The Ambassadair FWA diploma is printed in-house with love!

Ambassadair organizes an official graduation party every year: The Graduate Party!
Organized in November, we invite you in to dress up for a cocktail, watch videos and photos of the flights, reward the best students, the best pilots and the best schools, etc. ....
Please note that families are welcome to enjoy this ceremony with you.

ABSENCE: I cannot be present on the day of the FWA exam, can we change the date?

The FWA is an international exam.
Like other Exams, you must be present on the d-day of the exam.


The only option is to retake the exam the following year, registered as a free candidate with the next FWA Promotion.
If this is the case, contact Ambassadair immediately!

"Ambassadair will allow the student, free of charge, to take a few review courses with the next class. This is to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

RETAKE : I failed my FWA exam, can I retake it the following year ?

Même si l’objectif d’Ambassadair est d’avoir 100% de réussite à l’examen BIA et 100% de réussite à l’examen FWA, il arrive tous les ans qu’un ou plusieurs élèves ne soient pas reçus à ces examens. Pour rappel, il faut avoir un minium de 10/20 pour obtenir le BIA. To maximize your chances of passing: take as many online MCQ exams as possible!

It is always possible to retry the following year. You will be presented by Ambassadair as a free candidate in a nearby school.
Ambassadair suggests to these students, who are retaking the FWA, to work regularly on the main concepts of each module and to take online MCQs.
If you wish to retake the exam as an independent candidate, contact us as soon as possible!

INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE : I want to register for the FWA as an independent candidate, is it possible ?

Yes !
Every year, candidates take the FWA with Ambassadair, as a independant candidate.
Contact us now!

Training Fees and Payment Methods

Training Fees and Payment Methods

FEES : Where are the training rates and what do they include?

The training fees are communicated each year during presentations in schools.

They are also posted at registration via our website. Our rates are calculated as accurate as possible to allow a maximum of young people to discover aeronautics with quality professional training.

What is included in the cost of a training course :

  • FWA Fees :
    This includes the FWA courses, 50 hours in total over the year with the provision of a qualified instructor, teaching materials, the complete management of the promotion over the year and the registration for the FWA exam (recognized diploma). In addition, the student has access at all times to the online aeronautical courses and to a home-developped Member Area from which he/she has privileged access to all Ambassadair activities.
  • The 100% ONLINE rate: la formation complète FWA-BIA mais 100% ONLINE ! Retrouvez l’ensemble des cours sur votre espace membre !
  • The price of the FWA flight :
    This includes a full day supervised by a qualified flight instructor, with 2 other students. It is the preparation and the realization of a 3 hours trip with at least 1 hour at the controls per student. Moreover, we ensure all the security conditions, the online reservation, the organization on the day, the administrative management, the plane, etc...
  • The Aviation Traineeship (English Live Air Show) :
    These are 4 days of intensive English lessons during which students are supervised by bilingual pilots and stewardesses as well as English teachers. The fee also includes course materials, breakfasts and lunch in an English restaurant!
  • Ambassadair Events: Free of charge for all our students in training (with their families), you are invited 3 times a year to meet us around various and complementary themes:
    • TakeOff Party : Meet our entire professional pilots Crew.
    • Aerospace Career Conferences: A unique opportunity to interact with working professionals. To make you discover all the professions of the air industry and to make you meet important personalities of the aeronautical world.
    • Summer Party : announce the results of the exam in a festive setting!
    • Graduate Party : immortalize this moment for the students and congratulate them for their work!

Do not hesitate to ask for more information by mail, we are at your disposal for any difficulties or proposals!

INVOICE: I have made a payment for a course, how do I receive an invoice?

Lorsque vous payez pour une formation, votre facture sera directement envoyée au mail que vous avez renseigné dans votre formulaire d’inscription. En cas de problème, n’hésitez pas à nous le signaler, nous nous ferons un plaisir d’y répondre !



COLOR-BLIND: I am Color-Blind or I have vision problems, how do I know if I can become a pilot?

Don't let anyone tell you whether or not you are qualified to fly airplanes. To find out, only aeromedical doctors have this qualification.

Extract of September 29, 2016 :
"Approved aeromedical doctors are designated by the CASD to determine the physical and mental fitness of the candidate. If fit, issue a medical certificate which may include one or more limitations if necessary.
À cet effet, ils peuvent être amenés à demander des documents, des examens et des contrôles médicaux supplémentaires.
They refer to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011.
In the event of the candidate's unfitness, and at his request, his file will be re-examined by the medical authority. In case of disagreement with the decision taken by the medical center, the candidate can exercise his right of appeal before the Civil Aviation Medical Council (CMAC).

So consider consulting with a CASD aeromedical doctor as soon as possible!

INTERNSHIP: I would like to do an internship at Ambassadair, is it possible?

À ce jour Ambassadair n’est pas dans la capacité d’accueillir des élèves de 2de pour des stages de découverte.

However, we would be happy to put you in touch with our network of partners who could host the student for an internship.

Do not hesitate to send us a message!

DRONES: Can the FWA be used as a drone pilot license?

Unfortunately the FWA is not a pilot's license. The legislation about drones is very recent and therefore quite particular. This one will be updated this year in July 2018.

To date, drone piloting does not require a license in private use. However, safety rules and specific rules defined by the municipalities must be observed.

Here is a document that lists these rules (French)

- I don't overfly people.
- I respect the maximum flight heights.
- I never lose sight of my drone and I don't use it at night.

On the sites of certain communes (site of the town hall) are defined zones authorized for the practice of the piloting of drone.

On our side we will look more in detail at this subject! To be continued.