The final stretch! News & Incentives - Ambassadair

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The final stretch! News & Incentives - Ambassadair

Notice to students of the 2021 Bertrand PICCARD class, your captain is speaking! We know that this has been a very eventful year for all of you. Therefore, we wish to convey our compassion and encouragement to you with great affection.

But above all, we would like to CONGRATULATE you! You have managed to follow 90% of the courses and have shown great resilience despite the many changes (schedules, face-to-face / distance, sanitary conditions, etc.)

There is only about a month left to complete the remaining 10% ... Not to mention starting to revise for the mock exam, the FWA exam, followed closely by the BIA exam! (Wednesday May 19, 2021 - 2 p.m.-5 p.m.)

No more chattering, we turn the floor to your promotion commander Cédric SILVE: Revisions, encouragement, BIA flights… Captain, it's your turn to speak!

The video right here (French)

We are counting on you to do better than the 2020 Dorine BOURNETON promotion! Their results right here.