Registrations for our FWA training for the 2022 class have been launched! This year, the students will once again be well surrounded. 🙂

  • Your Promotion Commander : Louison DURUISSEAU, Airline Pilot and Instructor
  • Promotion sponsor : Virginie GUYOT, first female Leader of a National Patrol (the Patrouille de France)

We are very proud of this duo which promises to be more than perfect for this 2022 promotion! 😀

Are you wondering what Ambassadair is? What does this FWA training offer?

Everything is explained in our youtube video (French).

In short, we are a training organization made up of professionals and passionate about aviation.

Our goal ? It makes you discover the wonderful world of aviation.

FWA training is :

  • 2 Diplômes reconnus :
    • FWA – My First Wings in Aviation – Un diplôme Ambassadair reconnu dans toute l’Europe
    • BIA – Brevet d’Initiation à l’Aéronautique – Diplôme de l’éducation nationale
  • About 50 hours of lessons
  • Access to a personalized member area
  • Unique events
  • And much more !

To note that several formats are available for this training.

To find out more and meet your promotion commander in a video format, it's just here (French)!

Do you want to live a unique experience? Have a major asset in your CV? Join an unprecedented network of aviation professionals?


You have a question ? Do not hesitate to ask it in the comments. 😉

To know more about Virginie GUYOT

To know more about our mentors

See you soon in the air!