4 major events are planned every year. Ambassadair organizes aeronautical themed evenings. Those party’s are free for all students and we offer you cocktails.

“Ciné Avion” in september:
Watch an aeronautical movie and talk about it with professionals and the Ambassadair pilots team.

«Conférence Métiers Aéronautiques” in February:
Presentation of the differents aeronautical professions such as civil pilots, military pilots, air controllers, engineers, doctors, historians, etc… They come to share their experiences and anecdotes.

«Summer Party” in June:
FWA’s marks announce, year results and flights around a cocktail and festive atmosphere.
+ Special speech : FWA, and after ?

“Graduate Party” in November:
FWA Official Graduation with the school director and Ambassadair pilots team.
+ FWA Flight video challenge results !

The Ciné Avion and Conférence Métiers Aéronautiques evenings are organized in the famous École Militaire of Paris in partnership with the French Armée de l’Air.

Access to those evenings are only allowed to our members

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